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Total tickets: 1500

Remaining tickets: 1353

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Total tickets: 3000

Remaining tickets: 2968

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Total tickets: 5000

Remaining tickets: 4990

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How does it work?

Each lottery game has the limited amount of tickets and draw will be automatically played , when all tickets are sold. Our lottery games fully automatic using blockchain technology. To define the result of jackpot, our system connects bitcoin blockchain (, and you can always recheck the result of the winner by yourself.

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Each bitcoin block has a SHA256 hash that is the main "block hash", a hash of the contents of the block. Hashing algorithms such as SHA256 create a digital fingerprint of data that cannot be falsified, 256-bit hash output is an unpredictable random-looking 64-character hex number (it is unpredictable and irreversible by design). This is the puzzle that bitcoin mining uses to secure the blockchain - since the output of SHA256 is unpredictable, it is very hard to find a hash that looks like something you specify.

This hash of a block is used as a random number picker. Since it is so hard to even find a block hash , manipulating the blockchain so a hash of a particular block is a particular number is quite impossible, and it is also impossible to predict what a possible hash value might be. Since the blockchain is published peer-to-peer in a secured fashion, the result is independently verifiable.

The whole block hash could be used as a random number, however, the full hash is extremely large and not practical for calculations meant to be easily verified by others. This calculator's method uses the last 10 hex digits as more reasonable - still a large pseudorandom number with a decimal value between 0 and 1,099,511,627,775.

We use the modulo (%) operation on the hash of a specific future block to determine the winner: last-10-digits-of-block-hash {in decimal}) % (number-of-tickets) = winning ticket number

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Yes we do, Invite more friends to play with Fargowin and you will earn 10 % for the each sold lottery ticket. Also you will receive 10%, if one of your affiliates win the jackpot!

We have the biggest chances to win the lottery, because raffle lottery has the limited tickets in each game, not like the other lotteries, where your chances to win - one out of millions.

In order to get the ticket, you can purchase the lottery via Bitcoin and Fargocoin! Just in case there is no restrictions on the number of tickets each individual can purchase.


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